About Us

Squatch Watch Gear, LP is an online-based clothing store headquartered in Poteau, Oklahoma. We provide fun, custom Bigfoot designs for the hairy beast's enthusiasts of all kinds across the world. Additionally, we create other designs geared toward the outdoor lover. Every design is created in-house, and we utilize local businesses to print our products.


Our Mission

To provide quality t-shirt designs for Bigfoot and outdoor enthusiasts. Get out. Do more.


Our Story

Early in 2014, a group of guys were out enjoying the great outdoors when one of them brought up an idea he had had for a while. Mostly forgetting the main reason for why they were in the woods, they discussed at length this new venture into clothing and design and how those designs could inspire others to venture outdoors, to experience more, to do more.

You have probably guessed those four guys were us, the team behind this venture, and those discussions turned into what is now Squatch Watch Gear. 

Over the course of the past year, we have developed what you see today. We rallied behind a singular focus to inspire people to venture outdoors and find something they enjoy doing. From hiking and camping to fishing and hunting to kayaking, cycling and more, we want to inspire everyone to find what moves them, what gets them out and doing more. We have attempted to capture this intrepid attitude in our logo featuring the stylized face of a Sasquatch, however to some, they may see more. Like the Rorschach, or ink blot test, some may see a mountain or a leaning tree, just as adventurers may look at a mountain and see something needing conquering, to hike or climb. Others may view the same mountain as a thing of majestic beauty as they paddle down a stream. One mountain; many adventures.

So, why Sasquatch? Nearly every person has joked or wondered about Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Whether it has been nicknaming a friend or hiking through the woods looking for a hairy creature peaking behind a tree, Sasquatch has affected us all in some way. There is no question that Bigfoot has permeated nearly every facet of our society. This is why we have chosen him as the symbol for our business. To us, there is no better figure that symbolizes adventure, wonder and amazement.

Our hope is that Squatch Watch Gear inspires you to chase those adventures one mountain, tree or even Squatch at a time.

Our Team

David Anderson - Head Squatch

Joel Thomas - Content Curator

John Sullivan - Photographer / Designer

Randall Latham - Designer 


Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us at sales@squatchwatchgear.com.