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Products Coming Soon

We are still a couple days away from our official online opening, but we wanted to take a moment to give our friends, fans and followers and glimpse of what we have planned for our future releases.

In a couple weeks, we will be releasing a patriotic design of our logo in time for Memorial Day. The design will only be available for a limited time, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be sure you know when the product goes live.







Another t-shirt we will be releasing in the weeks ahead will be a full layout of the face contained in our logo. We are still finalizing the look and style of shirt this design will be on, but it is a design that we think will be a favorite among many.


Another design we have available that we believe many people will enjoy is our "I Squatch State" shirts. Styled after the famous "I Heart NY" shirts, we wanted to create a print that would allow people to display their favorite "Squatching" state. We are currently figuring out the logistics of how to release this shirt, but as soon as we are ready, we will announce this design's availability from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Last is a line of prints that will focus on outdoor sports. The image here is a concept we developed to show to our fans and followers to garner a reaction from them, and the results were very positive. Look for us to have a line of shirts similar to this in the coming months ahead as we hope to deliver on our promise to create clothing for all outdoors enthusiasts.

Shoot us an email to let us know how you like these designs or how we're doing overall. We would love to hear from you!