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Whether you're an avid hiker and camper, a hunter, or even a squatcher, you've probably encountered moments where you wish you had a really good topographic map. You searched online and (maybe) through several links, a few clicks of the "back" button, even more link clicks, you finally found the topo map you needed. Maybe. At least you think it's the one you needed. And if it is the one you need it's far too large to print. No matter what your print settings are, it invariably prints only a small portion of the map. Ever encountered this situation? If...

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We are continuing to grow and adding new things to our toolbox. Check out the latest in that toolbox: our new commercial! Let us know what you think!

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Last week our local community was notified that the works of our staff photographer, John Sullivan, was chosen to adorn the halls of our local hospital, Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center (EOMC). EOMC is undergoing a renovation and part of those improvements included the beautification of the hospital. Six of John's photographs were chosen to brighten the long, bland hallways in portions of the hospital. Each picture displays a beautiful scene from local attractions. To read more about the renovations and to view some of John's works now on display, check out this article from Oklahoma Welcome. Please join us in...

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