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2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

On October, 3, 2015, Squatch Watch Gear was able to attend the 2015 Okahoma Bigfoot Symposium in Stilwell, Oklahoma. The event was hosted by the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center (MABRC) and brought in speakers such as Ron Boles, from the BFRO and guest on Animal Planet's, Finding Bigfoot; David Holley from the Timberline Bigfoot Research Group; Randy Savig, Jim Whitehead and D. W. Lee from the MABRC and Robert Swain from the Arkansas Primate Evidence Society.

Attendees were able to hear testimonies from each of the speakers from their experiences in the field, their findings and theories they've accumulated in their time researching. Also, those in attendance were able to listen to and view possible audio and photographic recordings of Bigfoot. David Holley presented his never-before-seen footprint cast of a creature he calls the "Holley Grail" (image below).

Here are a few images from the symposium:

D. W. Lee - MABRC - 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

D. W. Lee with a presentation on what constitutes evidence in Bigfoot research

Randy Savig - MABRC - 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

Randy Savig discusses the possibility of Bigfoot's mimicking other sounds

Ron Boles - BFRO - 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

Ron Boles sharing what he has learned in his years of Bigfoot research

Jim Whitehead - MABRC - 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

Jim Whitehead presenting possible paranormal accounts that could be Bigfoots

Robert Swain - APES | Laughsquatch - 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

Robert Swain from APES and Laughsquatch cartoon

The Holley Grail - 2015 Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium

The above image was presented by David Holley. The print is said to be measured at 17 inches long and 11 inches at its widest point.


We want to thank the MABRC for hosting a spectacular event! We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year's.