Meteor Shower to Be Best in 20 Years

Meteor Shower to Be Best in 20 Years

One of the premiere meteor showers of the the year is upon us and it is claiming to be a show stopper. Every year, come August, the Perseid Meteor shower, lights up the night sky to the amazement of onlookers during the month of August. Typically, the shower boasts roughly 100 meteors per hour during its peak.This year, however, expect to see more. 

Like, twice more.

That's right. Experts are saying to expect about 200 meteors per hour during the peak this year. When is the peak? It's set to be the night of August 11 into the morning of August 12. However, you should be able to step outside and catch one of these amazing bright streaks at any point leading up to or after the peak period. 

You may remember the Squatch Watch Gear team catching a few shots of the Perseids last year and you can bet we'll be out to try to catch a few more images this time around.

So, grab a lawn chair and find a nice dark place to catch one of the most spectacular astronomical displays in 20 years!