New Bigfoot Museum Opens in North Georgia

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New Bigfoot Museum Opens in North Georgia

On a stretch of Highway 515 between Ellijay and Blue Ridge, one can catch a glimpse of the elusive Bigfoot in Cherry Log, Georgia. In fact, you can catch more than a glimpse. You can see an entire museum filled with Bigfoot artifacts and memorabilia.

Expedition Bigfoot: The Sasquatch Museum is being touted by owners David and Malinda Bakara as the largest collection of Bigfoot artifacts in any museum. The 4,000-square foot building boasts a collection of alleged casts of Bigfoot foot- and hand-prints, newspaper articles, sketches, videos of eyewitness reports, and even a life-sized statue of the enigmatic beast.

To find out more about North Georgia's "biggest" family attraction, visit their Facebook page for operating hours and rates.



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  • donna holcombe

    Have always been fascinated by Bigfoot. The museum is great and we are planning a second trip to come see the new additions. Keep searching!

  • Ron T. Shaw

    Hello Good Folks- Do Hope that All of your Visitors have had a chance to Look through my Book that I left there- IN SEARCH OF THE BIGFOOT MYTH- which documents my actual sighting of A creature b

  • Pewter Byrne

    Good luck with the new museum. Will contribute if I can.
    Peter B.

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