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A few years ago I had a turning point in my life. Several men from my church had decided to go on a hiking trip in the Ouachita Mountains in Western Arkansas. Excited about the opportunity to spend a couple days outdoors with a great group of guys, I readily agreed to go. Growing up, I was an active youth. I was heavily involved in sports, playing varsity baseball and basketball in high school, and while I wasn't heading to play college or professional ball, I was still fairly athletic and in shape. Also, I did a fair amount of...

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I trained myself to put my phone down. Yes. Trained. It was a habit. That little red dot with a white number inside letting me know that someone had taken enough time out of THEIR day to "like" or "comment" on something of MINE was like a drug that beckoned me to just tap on it and drink in the ego-stroking goodness that came with seeing another thumbs up on one of my posts, pictures or comments.

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