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It's not every day you run across a news report about law enforcement officials conducting a search for Bigfoot or Sasquatch. However, that is exactly what Fox 35 News has reported the Sheriff's department of Marion County, Florida doing. Of a sort. The department is actually searching for a cutout of the elusive beast. The nine-foot tall silhouette was stolen from the yard of a residence in the Lake Tropicana area.  For more information concerning the theft, check out the Fox 35 Orlando page.  

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In May 2015, members of Squatch Watch Gear and their friends were invited to investigate an area North of Van Buren, Arkansas for possible Bigfoot activity. Reports had come in that a creature had been spotted, footprints had been found and strange sounds had been heard in the area. We were intrigued and excited to investigate the area. Our investigation took place around two different locations along a long, winding creek. Our first stop included hiking up a short hill and bluff that overlooked the creek and small valley. We broke up into two groups along a trail and for...

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