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It's not every day you run across a news report about law enforcement officials conducting a search for Bigfoot or Sasquatch. However, that is exactly what Fox 35 News has reported the Sheriff's department of Marion County, Florida doing. Of a sort. The department is actually searching for a cutout of the elusive beast. The nine-foot tall silhouette was stolen from the yard of a residence in the Lake Tropicana area.  For more information concerning the theft, check out the Fox 35 Orlando page.  

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Earlier this week, I read an article about the town of Ellisville, Missouri deciding to allow their police force to cull an overabundant deer population. According to the article the town's mayor, Adam Paul, stated the population of deer has reached 52 deer per [square] mile and city officials have a goal of reducing said numbers down to approximately 30 deer per [square] mile. Now it's no question that the population is high, but the method the city has chosen to cull the population has become somewhat of a controversial topic among town citizens and even in the hunting community....

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