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Police in Missouri Town to Cull Deer

Earlier this week, I read an article about the town of Ellisville, Missouri deciding to allow their police force to cull an overabundant deer population.

According to the article the town's mayor, Adam Paul, stated the population of deer has reached 52 deer per [square] mile and city officials have a goal of reducing said numbers down to approximately 30 deer per [square] mile.

Now it's no question that the population is high, but the method the city has chosen to cull the population has become somewhat of a controversial topic among town citizens and even in the hunting community. The city decided to equip police officers with two silenced rifles, 500 rounds of ammunition designed to impede pass through shots, bait corn and overtime pay for the officers and city employees. All this for the estimated total of $12,150 for a 10-day culling operation. The estimated budget also accounts for a $100 bonus per deer taken during this time frame. It should be stated that deer harvested during the culling period were to be donated to "Share the Harvest" a program that distributes venison to needy families.

The controversy comes in the fact that some town citizens feel that they themselves should have the opportunity to bow hunt and help cull the population. Those in favor of bow hunters helping to cull the deer populations also stated this duty does not fall under the police department's job description. Residents opposed to this bow-hunting plan feared for the safety of those in their town from a stray arrow. Those for bow-hunting stated the same with a stray shot from a silenced rifle held by police.

Also discussed at the city council meeting was hiring deer-culling service, White Buffalo, to take care of Ellisville's overpopulation predicament, but they were deemed too expensive.

In the end, urban bow hunting was suspended indefinitely in favor of the police force taking care of the problem.

Was this a good choice? What do you feel was the best option? 

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