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A few years ago I had a turning point in my life. Several men from my church had decided to go on a hiking trip in the Ouachita Mountains in Western Arkansas. Excited about the opportunity to spend a couple days outdoors with a great group of guys, I readily agreed to go. Growing up, I was an active youth. I was heavily involved in sports, playing varsity baseball and basketball in high school, and while I wasn't heading to play college or professional ball, I was still fairly athletic and in shape. Also, I did a fair amount of...

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I trained myself to put my phone down. Yes. Trained. It was a habit. That little red dot with a white number inside letting me know that someone had taken enough time out of THEIR day to "like" or "comment" on something of MINE was like a drug that beckoned me to just tap on it and drink in the ego-stroking goodness that came with seeing another thumbs up on one of my posts, pictures or comments.

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Welcome to the first article in a blog series about reclaiming lost minutes in your day and reconnecting to what is truly important in your life. Have you ever reached the end of the day and wondered where it went or tried to figure out what you did? Does that upset you, to go through an entire day and feel as though you had nothing to show for it? Or perhaps you figured out you spent more time reading posts on Facebook than you did enjoying the company of your family and friends? How and why does this happen? A...

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