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Possible Bigfoot Howls Recorded by Squatch Watch Gear Team

In July 2014, members of the Squatch Watch Gear team were engaged in one of their weekly routines: squatching in one of their favorite locations in Southeast Oklahoma. After about a half hour of sitting, one of our team members, John, performed a howl to which we got a response. Unfortunately, we did not have audio recorders running to catch this response.

John did a second howl, to which we got, yet another response. We captured this response and plan to have it available for people to listen to later. It was a third howl from John that provided the response captured in the below clip. A fourth howl was heard and captured as we were making our way out of the area. It was definitely one of the best nights we have ever had during our tenure of investigations.

Check out the video and let us know what you think? It may be best to listen with headphones.


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