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Free, Because of the Brave

Here at Squatch Watch Gear we deeply love the United States. We firmly believe that it is the best country in the entire world. And we are acutely aware that this weekend of memorial is the sole reason we have the freedoms we have and can state the claim of "The Best in the World".

This Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the beginning of summer and is a fun time for many Americans, but for those whose loved ones have paid the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our freedoms it can be one of sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families this weekend that have lost loved ones, and we owe our freedom to those who gave all they had to give.


In a time where images and videos of those stomping and burning flags have seemed to flood the internet, it may seem to those who have served and have lost loved ones that their sacrifices have been in vain. We're here to say that they have not. We oppose the blatant disrespect to our country and those who so bravely fought to secure our liberties. Please remember that for every insulting image or video you see, there are hundreds and thousands of individuals in our country that are grateful for the sacrifices made each day by our military families.

We hope all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Take time to remember those who have fallen, and thank those veterans you meet. God bless!

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