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General Knowledge Quiz - 2015-2016 | Semester 1

While this is a little out of scope of our usual posts about nature, camping or Bigfoot, I thought this would be a fun thing to share with our fans. I have a friend who is a professor and every semester he gives his students a General Knowledge Quiz. Questions on the quiz, which are different each semester, range from anything in history, arts, science, math, geography, literature and just about anything else you can imagine. The only caveat to the quiz is this: my friend knows the answers without having to look it up in a book or search Google.

So, let's get to it. How many of these "general knowledge" questions you can answer without consulting Google. 


1.    The Battle of Bannockburn is credited with securing the independence of _______________

2.    What happened on 29 October 1929? ____________

3.    Who commanded The Rough Riders? __________________

4.    Which Louis of France was married to Marie Antoinette and executed in 1793? ___________

5.    Which explorer famously searched for the “fountain of youth”? ______________

6.    Who wrote Intruder in the Dust? __________________

7.    Who was Owen Lars? ______

8.    Who composed The Mikado? 

9.    Who is famous for their paintings of water lilies? _____

10.    Who composed The Brandenburg Concerti? _____

11.    Who is the father of modern rocketry?  ___________

12.    Why is van Leeuwenhoek important in medicine/science? __

13.    Drug derived from the bark of the cinchona bush? _______

14.    What gland produces melatonin? ___________

15.    What colour does potassium burn? ______________

16.    What is the older name for the island nation of Sri Lanka? ___

17.    Casablanca is in which African country? _______

18.    Tierra del Fuego is part of what South American country? ___

19.    Which Canadian province has no land boundaries? ____

20.    Where are the only ports in Oklahoma?___________

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