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Bigfoot Hunters Hamper Search for Texas Marijuana Suspects

Today, a handful of reports have come out of Texas about a $6.5 million marijuana farm being located by local officials. While the story itself is mildly interesting, it's not the reason I wanted to draw attention to it. Most reports mention in passing that Bigfoot hunters have hampered the police search for suspects behind the marijuana farm.

While there are few details about what actually happened, our guess is the Bigfoot hunters were mistaken by local authorities as the marijuana growers, at least for a short time.

This incident, though, brings up an important "note to self" moment: be careful when in the woods. Whether you are hunting on public land, hiking, looking for a new fishing hole or even searching for Bigfoot, caution should always be used. You never know when you may accidentally stumble into someone else's "business".

To read more about the marijuana farm, check out this article at the New York Daily Times.

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