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Journey to the Half - Week 1

Week 1 of my half marathon training is complete. If you don't remember, I signed up earlier this week to participate in a Star Wars themed runDisney half marathon in Disney World in April 2016.

It was a fairly uneventful week until tonight. Today was my long run day, in which I needed to run 5 miles. I finally got around to doing so around 10:00 PM tonight. I used to think of long runs as a huge time wasting time sink. This thought made me hate them. I still dislike them, due to the time commitment, but I see them in a different light now. They are now thought of as mini brainstorming retreats. I use the hour or so I run to think of new blog ideas, neat designs and day dream about where I would like to see Squatch Watch Gear end up. By the time I finish the run, I have several blog ideas and a handful of new designs to sketch out. I've also refocused my vision and have thought of points of where I need to make minor corrections to put the company back on course.

On tonight's run I had a few animal sightings. The first sighting was around mile 1.5 in which a Wiener dog decided to run with me for about a quarter of a mile. That was neat. Poor guy/gal puttered out after that, though. 

The next animal sighting happened shortly after when I spied the armadillo that has been terrorizing our neighborhood. Silly animal has been tearing up yards up and down our street for the past month. His days are numbered.

I saw a second armadillo later and that was followed up by a shadow crossing the road that I think was a lone coyote. I've yet to see Bigfoot on these runs, though, which is disappointing.

Overall I finished the week running 9.12 miles, and I feel good and healthy. That's the most important thing: staying healthy. My problems in the past have been pushing my limits too far too soon and injuring myself. I'm trying very hard this time around to minimize that.

That's it for this week. Be sure to watch the blog next week as we'll be releasing a new product! Yes! A new product is merely a week away, and we are super excited about it. 

Keep it squatchy!


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