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Journey to the Half - Week 5

Well, Week 5 of my half marathon training is in the books and I'm feeling stronger and faster each week. I really believe that come April, I'll be ready for the Disney Half Marathon - the Dark Side.

This week I did have something... odd... happen to me. So, most runners I encounter are pretty gross while running, myself included. You have to be. There's no time to stop and blow your nose or take care of some other bodily functions. You just take care of it where you are.

Which is exactly what I did one evening this past week. My allergies have been acting up pretty bad, so I have been sneezing and had really bad runny noses. As many of you can probably figure out, a runny nose is not conducive to a breathing while running. Makes it quite difficult in fact.

And so it was that I was running and my runny nose had just become too much. I had to launch a "snot rocket". For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it's basically blowing your nose without a napkin and praying there's not a strong wind. Gross, I know.

Luckily for me, there was not a strong wind, but there was another obstacle that appeared that night: someone's mailbox. Just as I had launched the snot rocket, I had ran right by some poor person's mailbox. I watched in horror as my snot rocket smeared itself ingloriously across the brick facade. In that split second, I had a fight or flight moment.

I chose flight.

Nothing I did to try to clean the bodily fluid from the mailbox would work. It would most likely make it worse. And I can just imagine the conversation between myself and the mailbox owner as they caught me trying to clean the mailbox. I'm fairly certain the owner wouldn't believe any story I gave them about why I was messing with their mailbox and why there was some disgusting substance oozing down the side.

So, I fled. 

For those worried about my integrity here, I did go back to the mailbox after my run with some cleaning supplies, but the rain we had gotten cleaned the nasty substance away. I was certainly glad to see it clean, as I truly felt mortified at having "defaced" someone's property.

At any rate, the week was a good one. I completed all my training days and finished feeling strong.

Until next week!

Weekly Totals

Days ran: 4 days

Total miles: 14.64 miles

Longest run: 6.51 miles

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