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Journey to the Half - Week 6

Week 6. Let's see. What can I say about it? It was good. I noticed my breathing is increasingly getting better and fatigue in my legs is lessening on long runs. One of the great things about Week 6 is that it ended the month of October, and for the first time in three years of training that marked a fully month of training without skipping a single day. Pretty proud of that accomplishment.

The neatest thing I witnessed this week is perhaps a fairly rare sight. The night was overcast with thick clouds, as it had been the previous few days. While running I noticed a flash in the sky. I looked up and saw the clouds illuminated by this bright streak. As I watched the meteor broke through the clouds before finally burning out. I had never watched a meteor break through cloud cover before. It was definitely one of the neatest meteor sightings I've ever seen.

Sights like that can't be seen from the couch. Aside from attempting to live a healthier life and be an example for my kids, it's these types of events that I enjoy seeing. It's like a little special SURPRISE that adds a certain layer of excitement to every run. Those types of things make every run, hike or other outdoor excursion exciting every single time. I encourage you to get out and create your own adventure.

Weekly Totals

Days ran: 4 days

Total miles: 13.87 miles

Longest run: 5.81 miles


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